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Tea Board has permitted to start RP production from 17 Feb '19

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Dec'18 Production  
Assam Packet Teapacket Tea
Secondary Assam teaBOPsm
Primary Assam TeaBPSM
Assam tea OFOF
Assam tea DustDust
Assam Roasted Green TeaRoasted Green Tea
Assam tea BP BP
Assam tea BOPsm BOPsm
BopL SecondaryBOPL1
Rs 100 Assam teaBP1

Assam black tea, directly from Assam factory, No middleman involved, so you get better QUALITY Assam black tea at LOW price.

Buy any quantity of black tea at retail price or at wholesale price from our factory
We are south Assam based tea company supplying tea anywhere in India and abroad.
Our factory has been established since 1870 with all modern machinery.
We produce Black tea in our own factory.
We use best green leaf available in our area to make our tea.
The combination of best green leaf and modern machinery make our black tea best, comparable to low price, we offer.

Our factory produces BOP, BOPsm, BP, OF, PD and Dust.
Other than these, we also produce Green Tea and handmade orthodox tea.
Our target is to make 5000 kg hand crafted tea in this 2015.
We deal with retailer, wholesalers and consumers directly.
A consumer can buy any quantity tea from us directly.
Retail Tea Price We will offer it at Rs 500/- plus courier charges of Rs 125/- through Speed Post. Minimum order quantity is 25 kg. Our delivery is expected to reach within 4 to 6 days,anywhere in India or abroad.
Similarly, for wholesalers and distributor, we offer our local are wholesale price plus transportation and taxes.
Free tea sample. We are marketing on all India basis. So despite good intention, we are unable to send free sample. But instead, we offer 250 gram tea sample at Rs 500 including courier charges.

Tea wholesale price Presently, our tea is priced at Rs 140/- for brokens and Rs 120 for Fennings, and secondary is priced at Rs 90/-
This is ex factory wholesale price without tax.
Actual transportation and 5% taxes will be added with this price.
Tea price is related to tea auction price.
Packet Black Tea In addition to loose black tea, we also market packet tea with our brand name Chamatkar, Mizaaj and Degubber Tea.
We produce 40 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 1 kg and 5 kg packets.
retail price of our packet is Rs 250 to Rs 300 per kg.
Wholesale price is Rs 175 per kg.
We can also make packet tea with your own brand name and with your selected quality of tea

Handmade Tea
We also make handmade organic tea. Presently, we produce 1000 kg.
You may book your order. We are also planning to introduce, Handmade Green Tea very soon. We sell our handmade tea also, directly to consumers.

Contact No You can mail us at [email protected] or you may call us at Assam Factory--09435700934 for current Assam Tea retail price or current Assam Tea wholesale price quotations.

Assam tea buying time.
Below, we have included guidelines given by different prominent planters about bulk tea buying time. May be it will be useful to you, particularly, if you are a new tea businessman planning to start Assam tea business.
One of the many good things about Assam tea is that it is being taken by all and at all time of the year and at all time of the day and night. This along with other numerous qualities of Assam tea, it is easy to market and sale.
You can buy throughout the year and sell it throughout the year.
But if you want to buy it directly from tea plantation, best time to start buying it from the month of March.
March is the start of new season for Assam and Darjeeling tea. New fresh leaves start coming up after 3 months of lull period. New eye soothing soft tea leaf comes out and one can make good tea with those tender leaf.
Then come second flush at end May to August. Both Assam, Dooars and Darjeeling, Tripura Tea gardens makes their best tea. T
Please check for more information.
After August, quality of Assam, Tripura or Darjeeling Tea comes down, particularly in Eastern and Northeastern India. Strength of liquor and brightness comes down. Then you require more quantity, may be one full spoonful tea leaf for making a cup of quality tea. South India gets rain throughout the year. So their quality does not vary so much, but due to weather and topography, quality of South Indian tea is always poor compared to Assam, Darjeeling and Tripura gardens.

Tea Qualities From the enquiry of new tea businessmen, we have decided to put explanation of Primary, Secondary and Reprocessed Tea.
When new leaf is processed and graded, primary tea is made. Primary tea is the best quality of a tea factory.
But a small percentage of this tea, depending on quality of green leaf, contains more fibre or may not be in acceptable size. This tea is required to be resorted. This resorted tea is Secondary tea. With resorting it looses some of its bloom and strength.
Reprocessed tea stands below secondary quality. When green leaf is processed, fibre, unacceptable size, tea balls comes out of Drier and Sorting machines. This is put in CTC machines as if new tea is being made including drying and sorting. This is called Reprocessed tea. Since it has been made from the residue of original green leaf, quality comes down.
For Sample or bulk purchase, Please insert your detail Before Making Payment in the Next Page.
You can also send us your requirement through email without registration. Email id is at the bottom of this page.
Your Name, please
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How much Assam Tea, you require ?
How much is twelve plus twenty three = ?
Please recheck the amount.

Online Tea selling business.

Assam Tea Sellers
Online Tea selling has become a good business now. Open any Online website, you will find many Tea Listings. You will get Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, South Indian Tea, Kangra Valley Tea, Dooars Tea, all are being sold online by e commerce companies and B to B Portals.
Generally tea quality is not bad but cost is
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Requirements For Starting Home Based Tea Business

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In our country, India, tea is very popular. You will find tea stall every where. On main roads, in lane, even in by lanes. All restaura offers tea. Every household members drink tea and offer tea to every wanted guests. So as a prospective tea businessman, your tea market is huge, selling your product is not problem
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Unknown Facts of Indian Tea

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Do you know ? any normal tea is 100% herbal & without any chemical whatsoever, whereas herbal tea is not at all tea.
2. Tea was naturally growing in Assam of India and China. Chinese recorded drinking tea 2000 years ago. No record found of first use of tea in India. But it is believed that natives of Assam were
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चाय का कोवालिटी और दर कैसे समझे ......

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यदि आप एक चाय व्यवसायी हैं या चाय व्यवसायी बनना चाहते हैं, तो आपको चाय की गुणवत्ता को समझने के जानकारी होना चाहिए। ताकि जब
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Benefits of drinking CTC tea.

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Now, I have not checked all those sites neither I know, who has researched and arrived at this conclusion that tea has got health benefits.

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चाय ब्लेंडिंग करने का सरल उपाय

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चाय व्यवसाय कैसे शुरू करें *****?

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Indian Tea Gardens, inside practices

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Indian tea gardens are situated far distant from the city area, This is normal, because such a vast area of land is required to start a tea garden. But this distances of a few kilometers changes entire life style that we usually find in a city or in a town or in a vill
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Scientific investment on Tea Business

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A new tea businessman has to decide, how much tea does he require to start his tea venture?
How much he has to invest ?
How m
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Tea in India

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When some one has come to your home, depending on your closeness with th
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मेरा पता? पता नहीं क्यों जब भी कोई मेरा पता पुछता हैं एक लम्बे -चौड़े पते के बाद बड़े ही जौश से सिलचर असम क्यों बोल देता हूँ?
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Herbal Tea is Not Tea At All

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Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Tea - is the start of the day for most of the people.
Hope most of you agree on this, don't you?
There are possibly different kinds of tea powders available in the market today and also there are different ways making tea.
Each one gives you a different taste to enjoy.
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