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Tea Blending Tutorials

Simple procedure for Blending Tea and make it high quality tea. Tea blending is very important for launching your own packet tea or your own brand. Blending is an easy job. In a simple language blending means mixing a few items together. You can make one or more blends of tea for selling your own packet tea. Have you noticed, almost all packeted tea are mixture or blends of 4/5 types of tea. Blending of tea is done primarily for changing the basic taste of tea. Secondly, to enhance its taste and flavour. Thirdly, to maintain similar quality of tea or to maintain similar taste of tea. Fourthly, to cut down the cost of tea and make it more affordable to mass buyers. If you are an student of tea technology, you have already learnt that after production, tea is graded according its sizes. Every size of tea has got different taste and flavours. Simple rule is bigger the size of granules, higher flavour is there. On other side smaller sized granules make the tea, strong to stronger. That means BOPL will have more flavour than strength. Where as Dust will be more strong than have flavour. Do you remember, you had taken dip tea in last train journey. If you open those small tea bags, you will find 2 gram, either PD or Dust or a mix of these two grades in the tea bag. All buyers prefer strong tea with good flavour. But degree of strongness vary from buyer to buyer. Some might prefer too strong tea and some might prefer moderately strong tea. So to make a tea average strong you are required to modify its strength by either blending it with smaller grades or mixing high quality strong tea. Similarly, to keep or enhance its flavour, either use big or bigger size of granules or go for high cost high flavour tea. In the beginning of this article, we mentioned that almost all packet tea makers use 4/5 types of tea. Please check your home tea packet. You will find 4/5 types of tea in that. Some are bigger, some are medium, some are small some are powdery, some are black and some are brown. Even if you open same tea brand of different production months, very good possibility is there that sizes of tea granules in 2 packets are absolutely different. You may even find that there are subtle or in worse case differences of taste in two production months. From this above points, we will note down how to blend tea with zero mistake. As we have mentioned, bigger granules are used for flavour and smaller granule are for liquor. So use BPs, BOPL, BOP or BOPsm for flavour. BPs and BOPL are large in size, so these are not very eye soothing. So if you use these 2 grades then use these as low as possible. May 5 to 10%. BOP is acceptable in eyes. So this may be used more in quantity, may be 20%. Bopsm contains flavour and liquor. So that may be used more in quantity. If you use even 30% BOPsm, it will enhance your tea quality in every respect. Similarly BP is also contains both flavour and liquor. In fact, we consider BOPsm and BP as premium grades and generally these two grades fetch more price than other grades. Bp may be put 50 / 60% or more in a tea blend. OF grade contains more liquor than flavour. 20 / 30% OF in a blend will give you very strong liquor. PD and DUST similarly contain much more liquor and low to very low flavour. 10% PD is generally sufficient for any normal blend. It will make your tea very quickly in comparison to bigger sizes like BOP or BOPsm. Dust is powdery in size. It has a tendency to come down though strainer. It makes very quick and strong tea. It is mostly used to make tea bags. We suggest use 2 /3% or less in a standard blend of tea. To cut down cost and to maintain similar standard throughout the year, you may use both primary and secondary of all these grades. Tea gardens generally make BETTER tea from April to May. Best tea during June to August. Again Better tea from September - November (Except during Puja Flush). GOOD tea in DECEMBER and MARCH. Mid January to Mid March generally production remains closed in eastern Indian tea gardens. Depending on this callender you may increase or decrease quantity of primary or secondary. For example During JUNE to AUGUST, when tea is of BEST quality, you may increase secondary and cut down primary. That way you can maintain a standard quality and at low price. Again when tea is only GOOD quality during December onwards, you can increase primary and decrease or stop using secondary. When you actually blend tea, always make sure that colour of all the grades are as far as possible, similar, if not same. When you mix secondary with primary then there is a very good chance that there will be a variation of colour. Better remain careful when you buy tea. Many tea gardens in West Bengal forcefully make their tea appear blackish at the cost of its Strength. That type of tea is low priced and good for mixing or blending with good quality tea. To find most prefered blend for your area, try to copy your local popular brands' blending. Dont worry, if you can not copy it 100%, Because it can not be done. Neither original blender can make it also. First you blend it in small quantity, may be a blend of 20 grams. Taste it, if you like it, your job is done. If you do not like it or you want to improve it further, just change the grades' ratio. May be use more BOPsm and less PD or vice versa or any other combination to arrive at your best blend. Once you are satisfied, your blend is ready. One reminder. Everytime you buy tea, quality will be different every time, even if you buy it from same gardens. So the process of blending you will require to do after every purchase.

Suraj Pratap Singh

Online Tea selling business.

Online Tea selling has become a good business now. Open any Online website, you will find many Tea Listings. You will get Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, South Indian Tea, Kangra Valley Tea, Dooars Tea, all are being sold online by e commerce companies and B to B Portals.
Generally tea quality is not bad but cost is very high. Company displaying a tea packet and asking for Rs 300. As a consumer, you happily order Assam or Darjeeling tea at Rs 300, but after the product is delivered, you find the the tea packet contains only 100 to, if you are lucky, 500 grams. That mean, tea you bought costs you Rs 600 to Rs 3000 per kg. Where as, you will get very good Assam loose tea at Rs 300 per kg. Now lets find out why these company's charges 2 to 10 times more than normal price. First reason most of these online sellers, do not have any factory, they buy it from Assam Tea Wholesalers and sell it online with their own name. 2ndly, All online e commerce companies charges very high rate. In 2014,we sold some tea through a popular e commerce company in India. They were charging Rs 30 per kg tea sold. Now if you are selling your product at Rs 250 per kg, it becomes Rs 280 per kg. This commission is based on sale price of your product. So higher the sale price, higher is the commission. 3rdly,all business to business portals are charging at least Rs 250 to to Rs 500 per sale leads. More the sale leads, less per sale lead payments. So when you pay these portal for sales lead, it is natural that you will add these costs to your sale price. If you are paid members of 3 business to business portal and paid Rs 5000 to Rs 15000 for sale leads, you will try to recover your investment as much as possible from the buyers of your product. Hence, high cost of your tea. This high price of tea is prohibiting many customers to go for better quality tea. This and other similar sites are expected to cut the price. If this site can do, what it intends to do, online tea buying will be far cheaper.

Roop Neel

Indian Tea Gardens, inside practices

Indian tea gardens are situated far distant from the city area, This is normal, because such a vast area of land is required to start a tea garden. But this distances of a few kilometers changes entire life style that we usually find in a city or in a town or in a village. First abnormal thing about Indian Tea Garden is that it does not follow Indian Standard time. They have got their own timings, which one hour ahead of Indian Standard Time. Just imagine, from Indian President to lowest rank of Indian follow one set of timing and Indian Tea Gardens follow another set of timings. Only when they come out of the garden, they follow IST.
Inside a Tea Garden Now you are near the tea factory. Its the biggest building inside the garden, at least 2000 square feet or more, You hear the sound of machineries and find mind cheering smell of tea. Factory is big but you find that roof of the factory was not painted in last 50 years or may be more. Walls were not white washed for may be last 5 years or more. People are improperly dressed for factory operations. Some are wearing loose fitting dresses which become dangerous for in front of machineries. You suddenly notice a small office type house nearby. This house has also got same problems. Roof unpainted for years, walls unpainted again for years. Inside the thinly lighted office, you find number of big size and heavy chairs and tables in staff room. Almost equal size room for garden manager. That is the the best room with large windows, doors, chairs and table. But again room is not painted. Though room has got chairs but nobody seen to sit in those chairs if the manager specifically orders one.
At Tea Factory and Office
Now you are near the tea factory. Its the biggest building inside the garden, at least 2000 square feet or more, You hear the sound of machineries and find mind cheering smell of tea. Factory is big but you find that roof of the factory was not painted in last 50 years or may be more. Walls were not white washed for may be last 5 years or more. People are improperly dressed for factory operations. Some are wearing loose fitting dresses which become dangerous for in front of machineries. You suddenly notice a small office type house nearby. This house has also got same problems. Roof unpainted for years, walls unpainted again for years. Inside the thinly lighted office, you find number of big size and heavy chairs and tables in staff room. Almost equal size room for garden manager. That is the the best room with large windows, doors, chairs and table. But again room is not painted. Though room has got chairs but nobody seen to sit in those chairs if the manager specifically orders one.
Tea Garden Hospitality.
Since, you have come from outside, Manager wearing a tee shirt, sorts and sports shoes might like to invite you for a cup of tea or lunch cum hard drinks session. Tea garden\'s hospitality is famous. You are also bit tired, so you go along with the manager to his bungalow. Surprise, surprise, you find small good, clean with nice flower garden bungalows before you reach the Manager\'s bungalow. On your way, you find that these are Assistant Mangers bungalow. May be manager, if it is a plantation off day, might invite Assistant Manager to give you company.
At Garden Manager\'s Bungalow.
Now you find garden Manager\'s bungalow. A palatial house with thick walls and spacious lawn with nicely cared flower garden or gardens. A nice looking lady arrives followed by a servant carrying tea. You understand from her appearance that she is Mrs Garden Manager. Every one jumps up from the chair except the husband. Manager introduces her to you. She request you and the Assistant Manager to sit down. She pours tea in the cups and offer it with snacks. You find the lady is a real lady and Manager is also a gentleman. You already have got impression that the Manager is a forceful man. By this time, jeep which brought you and others in the bungalow has been driven to the garage by the driver. But he is waiting in the back side of the bungalow for next order of the manager. You are having tea with them and manager and his better half are talking to you vigorously. Assistant Manager is bit reticent but whenever needed, he is also joining the conversation. You have an impression that the they are genuinely pleased to meet you. You are wondering what quality I have got that made them so pleased to meet me.
This is Not the conclusion. Tea garden life, its systems always fascinates me. So this is definitely not the conclusion. I will write more on my next post.



Why People loves tea !!??

I am personally not very fond of tea. Be it Assam tea or world famous Darjeeling tea. I take 2/3 cups of tea a day. Even if I don't drink tea at all does not matter. Tea is like any other drink for me. But for my family members and guest, I buy tea. Generally from online stores like, or delivers directly from their factory so price is cheaper and my guests and family members say it is better than others. But, I can not differentiate. Tea is not tasty, if you do not use milk and sugar. I always wonder what and why people are so fond of tea. I have seen 100s and 1000s of tea websites, tea forums, many not profit making voluntary sites on tea. in our childhood, tea was only drunk by elderly people and milk was for children. We were always warned against drinking tea. Now it is exactly opposite. Everyone says tea has got medicinal value. But I think it has got medicinal value only when you have got dysentery or you do not want to sleep. Some people has jumped one step ahead. They started Herbal Tea, Bamboo Tea and what not. All our life, we knew tea is made from tea tree or tea bush without mixing anything, its automatically herbal. Tea is made from camellia sinensis. {Hope my spelling is correct.} Not from bamboo {I don't know bamboo's latin name.} So how can one call bamboo leaf juices as tea ? So confusing and so popular !!


Online tea buying guide.

Personally, being a tea garden man, I drink lot of tea. When I was in garden, tea was free, so we never bothered about purchase price. Ofcourse, we were interested about what price, as Garden Manager,we were getting. After retirement and when our tea stock finished, we started buying it from our local market. All big names of packet market with high price, but quality was poor. Every week, we were buying new tea packets of 100 grams, loose tea 100 grams. So that with this trial, wecan stumble upon the right tea. We are also taking advice of our neighbours. None of them are tea prople. So unintentionaly, they were suggesting low quality tea or secondary tea. We do not blame them, because they had never taken good tea. So they are liking 2nd grade or 3rdgrade tea. Becoming frustrated with local packet tea and loose tea market, we turned our attention to online tea market. We started with Amazon then Flipkart then Snapdeal etc and finally Till now this is our final choice. First time we bought online tea from ecommerce site, we found that price was reasonable or rather cheap, It was Rs 260 plus courier charges another Rs 75. Nicely packed. On the ecommerce site, everything looked nice. Our first shopping from ecommerce site. We were nervously waiting for our tea pack to arrive. Within 3 days courier service man knocked our door, handed over the packet, took the money and signature and left. We were also wanted to hurry up, immediately, we opened the pack. IT WAS A 100 GRAM PACKET, not a 1 kg pack. We paid more than Rs 350 for 100 packet !! Though tea was good but with Rs 3500 Rs a kg made its good taste and strong liquer a bitter untasty liquer. Next time, we were careful, opted for a new ecommerce site, checked the product throughly, then put order for 250 grams at price of Rs 600 per kg. Tea was acceptable and affordable, so we continued this online site for next 2 months. By this time, we have become 2 experts on all pros and cons of online tea market. We knew how many tea sellers are their in flip kart or amazon and prices they charge. Every thing we knew by our heart. Finally, we came across and now our serch is over. We get our favorit Assam tea at very reasonable price. Because this company does not buy tea from other gardens and sell it online. They have got their own tea gardens at Assam and selling tea directly to all over India. So naturally giving better quality tea and lower price. We advise Assam Tea Sellers, do not become too greedy, maintain what you are doing now, sow in good services, you will reap better result.

Achinto Sen

Find out your Tea Supplier.

All of us drink tea and drink it everyday and all times of a day. Abundant supply of tea is available in our country. So, supply is their and demand is there. 
It always make good sense to start  
a tea business.
First of all decide about the Tea quality, you want to buy. You will find market for all qualities of tea. just check your local wholesale market. You will find tea is priced from Rs 75 to Rs 7500 or may more.
You are require to decide which market you want to tap ?
Basic rule is low quality tea means low investment and low profit.  Again high quality means higher investment, small market and high profit.
Best to choose in between, i,e average quality and average price.
Type of tea you want to sale. There are different types of tea like CTC , Orthodox, Hand Made Tea. Ctc tea is very popular all over world because of easy price. Orthodox tea is preferred by high end buyers. Hand made tea is very costly. Entire process is manual and generally organik. 
Now decide source of your tea. It is always better to buy tea from source, that means directly from the producer. Everyone knows that but it is a big problem. If you search online, you will finds 1000s of tea companies selling different colours of tea starting from Black tea, Red Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Purple Tea, White Tea and many known and unknown colours of tea all under same roof.
Rest assured, they are not producers. They buy tea from different gardens and sell it after making a nice profit for them. (Naturally, they are businessmen.) They can not supply consistent quality. Reason is obvious.
Try to Buy tea from Tea Gardens. Whatever tea you want to market try to buy it from tea garden itself. If you are buying Assam tea, try it in Assam. If you are looking for Darjeeling tea, check it in Darjeeling.
Many gardens maintain websites like
Best to search similar sites and contact them directly. They may want you to buy higher quantity but will save on your expenses. Moreover they are reliable. You can trust them with your heard earned money and be assured that their quality will be consistent.
B To B Portals. Their are many business to business portal like Indiamart, Yellowpages, Tradeindia etc. You will find verified tea sellers their and you also get options to select from many suppliers.
Only problem is these portals sell their buy leads to their members. Members in turn recover it from their buyers secretly.

Many more factors are required to be taken in account and thoughts given to them. But main point is try to buy it always from source, may tea or may be any 

Roop Neel

Where are the benefits guaranteed with tea drinking ?

I have heard so many good things about tea. Like me everyone has heard it, particularly in recent years. 
I after hearing so much, I was impressed and decided to take tea regularly. ( I used to drink tea rarely.) To save and improve my health, cut down my weight which is increasing with the increase in age., to look fresh, improve my skin and to all other "unlimited" benefits of taking tea.
i requested my friend in to give a packet of tea. 
He happily gave 1 kg packet of tea, nicely packed with a hard bill of Rs 250/-
I thought such a big company and my friend is the owner, so at least he would give a free pack ! But he is a businessman not a friend man when it comes to tea.
So with a forced smile, I accepted the packet, paid the messenger and asked my better half(she drinks tea regularly) make 2 cups of tea for us.
She happily obliged. We drank tea together. She was very enthusiastic, enjoyed her cup of tea with intermittent remarks requires little tea leaf to make a cup of tea, nice tea, I like it, Good tea after long time etc etc.
I heard all comments, I could not understand the taste, neither its color, aroma anything.
However, those were not important for me. It was health, looking younger etc what is more important for me. 
So from morning to evening, I started taking 4/5 big cups of tea every day.
This, I am still continuing after 2 months. Because still, we could not finish half the packet.
My better half is very impressed.
And benefit I got from drinking tea----- got constipation, lost appetite, lost sleep, loosing hair and as a result of all these and more look older.
So my advice to all those who want to drink tea for health benefit first get your system checked first, if you are fit to drink tea or not.
Jokes apart, tea is one of few drinks which is pure nature and cheap. Drink tea as much as possible. It is very true that regular tea, Yoga and Pranayam will keep all disease at a distance. 

Benefits of Tea.
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