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This is a new page and this page is not exactly our tea business page. Here we will publish images related to Tea, Tea Gardens and Tea Gardens' people. People behind the gardens are contributing to Indian economy and employment generation for over a century.
You can also email a tea related photo, with your name and caption. We will publish it along with your name. But remember, it must be original photo not a copied photo. All the images here are 100% original and captured by Team.

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Sonapur River or Lukha River

This is famous blue river of Sonapur, Meghalaya. When you go to Barak Valley from Guwahaty, you can see this breath taking beauty of Blue Sonapur River. But unfortunately, this is the result of high acid content in the water. This harmful acid is probably coming out of the coal mines of Meghalaya.

jellalpore Tea Garden

This is a part of Jellalpore tea Garden, Gumrah, Barak Valley, Assam. Management has done nice pruning. It looks like day and night. One part is without any leaf and the other part is full of greens. This garden is on the way to Meghalaya. So here are a small Khasi family waiting perhaps for Meghalaya bus.

jellalpore Tea Garden

This is a garden owned by Jayashri Group. It is situated at Gumrah of Barak Valley Assam. It is also another good garden of this area. Though this plantation does not look a good section, but overall this is a good garden. But the main problem of this garden is that it is situated near Bangladesh Boarder. So there is always a chance of dacoity by Bangladeshi and local thieves.

Kalaincherra tea Garden

Here is another part of Kalaincherra Tea Garden, Barak Valley, Assam. Garden is getting ready for 2020. They are pruning one of their divisions. We have found that work quality is good. But like all other gardens, this garden is also suffering from low manpower.

Kalaincherra tea Garden

Here are some more images of Kalaincherra Tea Garden, Barak Valley, Assam. It looks good but only a few years ago, it came to news for wrong reasons.

Murphulani Tea Garden

Factory photo of Murphulani tea garden. It is on Golaghat Road, Dimapur, Nagaland. They produce Orthodox tea. You may contact them for private sale. But it has to be higher quantity like 10000 kg at least. Otherwise they might ask for higher price.

Murphulani Tea Garden

Here we are at Murphulani Tea Garden. It is on Golaghat Road, Dimapur, Nagaland. It is a good garden. We consider it Assam Garden though situated in Nagaland. Because it has got all good qualities of Assam Tea.

Hoolungooree Tea Garden

This is a bungalow of Hoolungooree tea garden situated on the bank of Bhogdai River near Mariani, Assam. It is a well maintained garden.

Bhogdai River

Bhogdai River is a tributary of Bramhaputra. Many gardens and cities of Assam grown due to this river. Famous city of Jorhat is on the bank of Bhogdai River. Jorhat means two markets. But now Jorhat city is far far bigger than only markets. Bhogdai and Tea garden made this growth possible.

Transporters Godown again

We are sending our tea from Silchar, Assam to Manipur. This Manipur lady has started packet tea with our tea in 2018 and successfully running it against big names of packet tea industry. She buys regularly and always in small quantity, so that no major capital is blocked.

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