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Assam Mamri tea in Maharashtra, directly from Assam, results in QUALITY Assam tea at CHEAPER price anywhere in Maharashtra
From 19-12-20 all gardens will be closed till February 21, we will supply till stock lasts

  No information is given on phone. You have to   read   this site for all information. ONLY to ORDER our tea or sample.
Assam Tea in Maharashtra
We are consistent supplier of Assam Mamri and Bhukhi tea to Maharashtra directly from Assam.
We supply it directly from four specific Assam tea gardens to maintain year long steady quality and consistent price.
We sell tea to any wholesalers including new comers.
You can get both loose and packet tea from us.

Wholesale Price
Currently, our Black Mamri and Bhuki Tea wholesale prices/kg are

Assam has started getting rain from 06-02-21 evening. So it is expected that new tea prouction will start within next 2 weeks.

Grade    Garden A   Garden B   Garden C   Garden D   Garden E  
To avail wholesale price, please order at least 500 kg at a time.
Wholesale price is influenced by Assam Tea Auction price. It may go up or down. But you are assured that you will get best available price.To avail wholesale price, you require to buy at least 500 kg at a time.
Transportation from Assam to your city and 5% GST extra.

Tea sample for Maharashtra
We will happily give free tea sample to all buyers, but problem is, we sell our tea throughout India, even giving free 10 gram tea sample to 125 crore Indian is a magnificient costly affair.
You may take maximum 1500 gram samples, consisting of main 15 qualities at Rs 1500 including Speed Post courier charges. Alternatively, You may take 6 samples of 100 gram each at Rs 600.
You can make 40 cups of tea with our 100 gram sample.
We do not sell sample. Sample charge will be refunded on your first order.The money you deposit is a proof that you are a genuine tea businessman.

How to Pay
You may deposit money in our bank account for Sample or for wholesale tea.
Numbers are -- Assam Tea, A/C No-U2034050000806, IFSC No- UTBI0ITKR13, United Bank of India, Itkhola Branch, Silchar, Assam. Or Nilanjan Dhar, ID- 310119309, A/c No - 3246221369, Post Office Savings Bank Account, Silchar Head Post Office, Assam.
Or At Nilanjan Dhar, Punjab and Sind Bank, Silchar Branch, A/c no 03451000003592, IFSC-PSIB0000345, MICR-788023002.
Or At Nilanjan Dhar, Punjab National Bank, A/c No 3110000100096261, MICR 788024002, IFSC PUNB0311000, Silchar Branch.

Sample Please deposit Minimum ₹ 600 for main 6 Tea samples, and Maximum ₹ 1500 for 15 sample. Then Whatsapp your full address with pin code and payment receipt. Next day, we will courier it.
Or you may also take minimum 30 kg tea @ Rs 500 per KG pius 5% GST plus Transport.
Tea Order To order tea, please deposit at least Rs 50000 as advance and email your address, GST number and your detail requirement.
We will issue Proforma Invoice after receiving advance.
Balance after we finsh packing, approximately after 3/7 days.
Once you pay the balance, we will immediately dispatch it.

Tea Auction Price

After making tea, all tea gardens send the tea samples to their respective brokers. Brokers in turn evalue it and decide about expected price. Tea gardens may accept the decided minimum price or may not accept it.
If accepted, tea is sent to to auctioning city. In case of Assam, it is in Guwahati. Generally transportation charge comes to Rs 3 to Rs 4 per KG. Then the tea consignment is put in a warehouse. Warehousing charges are approximately Rs 1 per kg in the first month. If it is kept more than a month then charge goes up to approximately Rs 4 or more per kg per week.
Finally Tea Broker will charge 1% from the seller and 1% from the buyer.Say tea is sold at auction at Rs 100 per KG. Then Rs 100 minus transportation Rs 3, minus Rs 4 for warehousing - Rs 4, minus Rs 2 Brokerage= Rs 87 is the amount the seller garden is getting approximately. We have not deducted GST, because that you have to pay either you buy it from garden directly or through broker.
Only problen is, 99.99% gardens wont sell less than 10000 kg at a time. Where as, buying it from a broker could be as less as 5/600 kg or one lot of tea. But, you will spend around Rs 20 per kg more.

ORIGINALI TEA     Private LTD Office


Space Required for Tea Stocking
Space is costly every where, particularly in a State like Maharashtra. So lets find out how much space you require to staock your tea.
Generally a 35 kg bag size is height 24 inces, breadth 9 inches and length 29 inches that is .75 Foot x 2 feet and 2 and half feet.
So if you keep the bag lying on the floor, it will take up 2.5 feet x 2 feet and upwards .75 foot.
So if you lay 4 bags side by side, it will cover 10 feet.
Indian Tea
So if you make seven rows, you can keep 28 bags or approximately one thousand KG.
Upwards it will cover .75 foot x 7bags = 5.25 feet and breadth will cover 2 running feet.
So if roof of your wholeselling office is 11 feet and length is of over 8 feet, you can keep 2000 kg of tea on one side of the room.
But, we advice to keep it in two raows, so that it does not fall, if stacking was stright. On the basis of this calculation you can correctly estimate, how much tea you can keep in stock.

Right time to burgain for Assam Tea

Main Tea Qualities

White Tea  

Green Tea
We sell minimum 20 kg in Retail and 100 Kg in wholesale Direct from Garden.

Our Blend @ Rs 160

BOPsm @ Rs 160

Blend @ Rs 160

OF Rs 160

Dust Rs 160

OF1 Rs 170

BP1 Rs 170

OF @ Rs 240

BP Rs 280

Green Tea Rs 750

OF Rs 280

BOPsm Rs 170

BP Rs 280

BP Rs 170

OF Rs 260

BOPsm Rs 320

Blend Rs 260

BPsm1 Rs 220

BOP Rs 280

PD Rs 320

Bopsm1 Rs 170

Green Tea Retail Rs 1000

BOPsm Rs 320

Blend Rs 320

BP1 Rs 220

BOPsm Rs 280

BP Rs 270

BOP Rs 270

BOP Rs 270

Blend Rs 260

OF Rs 260

BOPsm Rs 270

BOP Rs 270

Our Tea on 09-03-21
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