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Benefits of drinking CTC tea.

Everyone knows Assam ctc tea drinking has got 100s of health benefit. If you dont know, just search google. You will get About 28,200 results (0.55 seconds).
Now, I have not checked all those sites neither I know, who has researched and arrived at this conclusion that tea has got health benefits.

When I try to find out those benefits, I find Indian Tea helps to reduce some big diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Cancers and 100s of other diseases.
But, I have not found the source of such claims. There should be some Authority, who is corroborating these healing powers of tea. I mean some allopathic research confirmations. May be there are, but I have not checked for those sites.

From my personal experience, we know a few basic benefits of tea and at least those are sufficient for continuing drinking tea.

Let me list those.

Now a days tea is the cheapest drinks available. Water has become costly now. One bottle of water is at least Rs 10,whereas one glass of tea is Rs 5 or less than it.

A cup of tea, undoubtedly gives you energy. If you have walked for kilometers, you are tired, but take a cup of tea, it will give you energy to go for another few kilometers. It simply refreshes you.

Exam time, you require to finish course by continuing study throughout the night but getting sleepy. Assam CTC tea is best option for you to keep up throughout the night.
Similarly, had a party all night or newly married but morning office has to be attended, no problem just have a cup of Assam black tea and you are full of energy for another day in office and another party at night, may be you will require 3/4 more cups of black tea.

In india, when a visitor come to your house and if you offer him tea, you are accepting him/her as your close acquaintance if not friend. So If are good you can win and influence a friend with a nice cup of ctc tea. 

Tea is kills appetite. Now, if you are putting on weight and lazy enough to do any exercise and greedy enough to go on eating but want to cut down weight just start taking black tea whenever you are hungry. 

A cup of tea is excellent time pass. When you do not have anything to do or when you do not want to do anything, just make a nice cup of black tea and have it. Once you finished it, you will find out works those need your attention. 

When you are looking for a discussion, debate or negotiation, take a cup of strong ctc tea, (but dont give it your opponents) you can strongly put forward your points and prove uselessness of opponents points, at least you can put forward your points forcefully.

Now, if you ask me what are the medicinal value of ctc tea. Very honestly, I am unable to say. All these words like antioxidant/catechins, free radicals, polyphenols etc are Alien words for me. I regularly drink tea and drink only CTC tea 

without milk.
Mainly for some of the benefits written above. If I get extra medicinal benefits, as they say, very well and very good.
Enjoy Tea, Enjoy CTC Tea.
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Profits in a tea business

We are often asked by new businessman or dreaming would be businessman that if they buy our tea, how much profit they can make.
This question comes to us in different shape, size and colour. 
We will try to answer it here.
Answer is very simple. 
First find out the most popular retail tea price in your city. 
From this retail price you deduct Rs 50/-. you have arrived at wholesale price. 
You know our factory price. Now add transportation expenses from our Assam factory to your city and cst 2 to 5%.
Transportation cost, generally and most of the cases, will be less than Rs 15/- and CST at most Rs 7.50/-.
So your final price is around or less than Rs 172/- 
Compare this with the wholesale price of most popular tea in your city. 
Now you have found out your gross possible profit.
Subtract your office expenditure including  employees salary, if any, from this.
So now you have arrived at your projected profit.
Now consider one important point. 
The most popular brand has started may be 5 years ago and after all efforts and strong leadership qualities like yours reached to number one position.
This is very important because you are new in Assam Tea business and also your financial strength is not as strong as the popular brand. 
But his overhead expenditure is more and he can not supervise all his works alone.
Whereas yours overhead is low and you can supervise everything including keeping personal contact with your buyers.
Buyers will happily buy your tea, if they can get your personal assurances, if the tea quality is better and price is low.
Since you can keep in touch with your buyers and you are buying tea directly from Assam factory, so you are assured of all 3 demands of your buyers.
But here you have to decide how much less profit or less price you will charge from your buyers.
Always remember, tea is like any other brand, say movie of Amitabh Bachchan. If someone is fan of Amitabh Bachchan, he will always see Mr Bachchan's movie good or bad. But Mr Bachchan had had humble beginning.
Similarly, begin with humble price till you become popular.
Most important, tea is drunk every day, numerous times by most of the consumers, so if you keep little margin even then you can earn big by just the volume of quantity sold. 

This article was written in early 2014. After that transportation cost has come down significantly, we dont think, at present transportation cost wont be more than Rs 12 inside India.


Interesting facts about Assam tea.

Tea was one of many wildly growing plants in Assam. Only Singpo of Khamti tribes used drink tea for may be thousands of year. 
Major Bruce an officer of East India company is first European noticed tea in Assam.
His brother Charles Bruce enticed tribe head Bisha and took possession of a wildly grown tea area and organised it into a tea garden.
Tea plants imported from China did not survive in Assam but survived in Darjeeling.
Darjeeling tea made from chinese plant is world famous but China tea is not that famous compared to Darjeeling tea.
Assam Tea gives strong liquor where as Darjeeling tea gives excellent aroma.
Tea is 100% herbal. It is one of very few edible items which goes through elaborate factory process but nothing extra item is mixed with tea.
Those who sell herbal tea actually test your intelligence.
Tea is very sensitive to external smell. If tea factory mistakenly allows any odour or any smell to pass through the factory during tea making process, tea will pick up that smell for its life time. 
Self life of tea is generally 18 months, if you keep it out moisture reach.
In india tea is a primary sign of hospitality. If host offer a cup of tea to his guest, that means host is honouring the guest as a friend.
Tea is the cheapest drink even cheaper than a bottled water.
Written history about tea goes back to 2000 years.
Tea taste bitter, but tea is liked and drank by more people than sweets and sours eaters.

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Starting Tea Business

Tea business is easy, popular and you can start it any where.
Tea is popular all over India, you can start selling tea at main market or at a bye lane. you will get customer everywhere.

Here are basic steps to start a tea business. 

If you have decided to start your business alone then take trade licence in your name or in the name of your establishment from Municipal Authority.

For partnership business, you require to submit Partnership deed for getting trade license or making bank account.

You will require to submit address proof, id proof, photo etc along with the trade license application form and a small fee.

Generally, Municipal Authority will issue the trade license happily within 7 days.

Next, you require to make State Sales tax registration, Central Sales Tax registration and a Current account.

State sale tax registration is for doing business within your State and Central Sale Tax Registration is for doing business all over India.

Since tea is a very popular drinks and suppliers/growers are situated in 2 and half corners of India, I suggest register for Central Tax also. Who knows, may be you will buy tea from Kangra Valley and sell in Assam.

Sale tax registration usually takes seven to ten days. They also charge a fee of around Rs 10000 depending on your expected turnover.

Now a days government becomes happy, when you start a business.

Opening a Bank account will take 2 days. So within 15 days of applying for trade license, you are ready to start your tea business. Now utilise this 15 days to make further plans and enquiries.

Plan no 1- what type of tea you want to sell?--- CTC, Orthodox, Green Tea, Handmade Tea or keep all the products and also concoction like Masala Tea, Bamboo Tea, Herbal Tea ?

Plan no 2- Where from you are going to buy your tea? --- As usual, it is better to buy the product from source. So find out a supplier who produces tea like

Plan no 3- Tea price starts from Rs 70 to may be more than Rs 7000/- What is your preference? If you are in a big city you can try to sell all qualities and all price ranges. But in a small city, low to medium range will be more popular than high end tea.

Plan no 4- Loose tea or Packet Tea ? --- You can buy tea in bulk and make 500 gram, 1 kg pack in transparent polypack and sell it. If it is without any label, it will attract any additional tax. This will maintain and enhance its aroma, shelf life and finally once your shop becomes popular, you introduce your own brand.

When you have taken all these decisions, you are fully prepared to launch tea business. Be sure, after a year, you will relish the decision of starting tea business.


Tea God

tea website About 36,00,00,000 results(0.86 seconds) 
tea sellers About 2,86,00,000 results (0.21 seconds)
Tea is a simple, bitter hot drink, made from leaf of a tree named camellia sinensis. It is not sweet, sour or tasty. But 

bitter. You cannot drink it easily, without mixing milk and sugar. 
Than it gives some sort of taste. But without sugar, it is hard to drink. no, not hard to drink but impossible to swallow.

Indian say, some of them had been drinking tea for 1000s of years. Chinese say 2000 years ago, one of their kings had it 

by accident. British take pride that they popularised it throughout world. Japanese take pride with their tea rituals.

Now, as per google search their are About 2,86,00,000 tea sellers websites selling tea and 36,00,00,000 websites on tea.

As per google there are About 2,42,00,000 results on Chinese Gods, Indian Gods About 74,70,000 results, Japanese Gods 

About 1,98,00,000 results, British Gods About 3,26,00,000 results.
Now what is all these !! Tea has got more websites than than All Powerful, Who created tea along with all other living 

and dead, moving and immobile things. 

There are 2 types of tea from point of manufacturing technique, Orthodox and CTC. I mean there are two types of tea 

available one is orthodox, the way it was made 100 years almost similar way it is being made today another is CTC.

If you check photo of ctc tea, you will like it at least you will not dislike it. Small black, bright, granules. 
But look at orthodox tea photograph, my God, is it something edible or is it some expired insects and creepers ! Yet, you 

will find orthodox tea is costlier. If it is handmade tea organic tea with same creepy look, it becomes costliest.

Tea kettle and tea cups ! Oh my God! Kettle and cup making is a big industry. It has become an artistic industry. You do not believe it - just 

google it. Different color, different shape, different design. Many of them are so nicely designed that it can compete 

with gold jewelery deisgning. 
This allows only one photo, otherwise I could have uploaded 100s of artistic images of Tea Cups and Kettles.

Now I want to sincerely drink tea and read about tea. If you know good sites on tea, please post it.

I am really at my wits end. 

Roop Neel

Scientific investment on Tea Business

Tea business easier than other businesses. You can start it with smaller or large capital.
A new tea businessman has to decide, how much tea does he require to start his tea venture?
How much he has to invest ?
How much tea stock has to be kept in his hand?
This calculation is very simple. 
A person average takes 4 cups of tea that is 10 grams of tea granules.
If your city or your targeted market has got 10 lakhs population, just multiply 10 grams x 1000000 = 10000 kg
This is daily consumption not monthly.
Now remember, you are not introducing tea in your city, already big and small sellers are selling tea and making profit.
So, you make your target, say you will cover 2% market in the first month, 4% in second month, 5% in third month and so on.
These mean, in your first month, you will sell 200 kg daily and 6000 kg monthly, ( Sunday included, because all of us drink tea on Sunday, even drink more cups of tea).
Now think about your stock in hand, minimum quantity required to be kept.
Tea brands are somewhat like Cigarette brands but not harmful like cigarettes.
If you smoke Wills, you will buy Wills every time, till it is conveniently available in your locality. May be one or two days you will step out of your area to look for favorite poison. But if it is unavailable conveniently and easily, you will very soon opt for a more readily available brand.
Your tea buyers behave almost similarly. If they like your tea, they will go on taking it till it is conveniently available. The day it is not easily available, they wont wait for your tea to arrive but opt for next easily available brand.
So you must have at least one lot in your hand to replenish the shops immediately before their stock is over.
Third point you need to consider that how much time tea consignment takes to reach from its originating source. If it is two weeks, you must have stock of at least 2 weeks if not 3 weeks stock.
Other than these investments, you require to decide about your office expenditure and your sales personnel expenses.
These are very widely varies from place to place. It is best left to your discretion.
However, if you want to know about theses expenditures, may be next time, I will write on these subject.

Sharmista Gogoi
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