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We offer Strong Assam Tea, Directly from Assam, without any middleman.That means Better quality tea at Cheaper price., @ ₹ No StockTo all buyers, either Big, Medium or Small wholesalers.

Wholesale of Assam Tea
First of all, all tea gardens remain closed from January to Mid March. No gardens can produce tea during these months due unsupportive weather. So it will be better to start your tea business after March with fresh and better quality tea. Tea gardens utilise this off season period for planning for entire year. Similarly a new tea business man should plan his business before starting buying after Mid March.
Wholesale Price of Loose Tea
Our present wholesale prices per kg , No Stock On 28/02/20
Grade    Garden A     Garden B     Garden C     Garden D    
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To avail wholesale price, please order at least 500 kg at a time.
Plus 5% GST Plus transportation cost that may be around Rs 10 per kg.
We introduce ourselves as Assam Tea Sellers, direct from Assam tea gardens.Whatever quantity of tea you buy from us, it will always come directly from those supportive tea gardens, we sell small or big quantity of tea to new, avarage or big tea wholesalers.
Since, you can buy your tea direct from Assam, automatically, you pay less for better quality tea.
We sell all CTC (CTC Means Cut Twist Curl of Green Leaf) grades including BOPL, BOP, BOPsm, BP, BPsm, OF, PD and Dust.
In addition to these primary grades, we also deal in BOPL1, BOP1, BOPsm1, BP1, BPsm1, OF1, PD1 and Dust1.
We sell both loose and Packet tea of different sizes.
You may order for minimum 500 kg or more at a time, either for loose tea or for packet tea.
Upto date tea prices are mentioned below and the prices are fixed upto 4999 kg.
When you buy 5000 kg, you get a discount of Rs 5 per kg.
A 5% GST is charged over the price and transportation charges will be around Rs 10 per KG inside India.
You know that everyone drinks tea, at least 5/6 times a day. So selling tea is not a problem particularly selling Assam tea.
Assam tea is favourit of all, not in India only, it is preferred by everyone of tea drinking countries.
Assam tea business is a great business, for a small wholesaler or a big Exporter of Assam tea. You will always find thousands of Assam tea buyers around you.
Tea business can give you tons of money and lots of fame.
But for that you must have knowledge of tea.
All tea looks similar yet prices are different.
You have to match tea price, its quality and your target market.
If you cannot find out the differences between good tea and low quality tea, you may loose all your investment.
So we recommend that start your business a few days later.
Use today to read this website like tea is your final exam course.
Learn about tea and tea business.
That knowledge base will help you to take correct decission. Then you start your very SUCCESSFUL Assam Tea Business.
Our tea packets, both Pouch pack and Box pack are also of very high quality and of different prices for different types of buyers.
You may start distribution of our packet tea at your city.

Packet tea Wholesale
We also offer distributorship or Dealership of our packet tea in your area. Wholesale price of Our packet tea, starts from ₹ 250 to ₹ 300 per kg. Generally our MRP is ₹ 450, but buyer can modify this depending on transportation cost and local requirements.
To become our distributor, you need to buy our packet or loose tea, at least for 3 months. Depending on your total transacktion for all 3 months, we may offer you exclusive distributorship for your district or State.

Retail Price
We do not sell in retail. But if you inisist, we may sell our tea at Average Rs 350 per kg
Please remember, minimum order is 25 kg.
If you are outstation buyer, please add Speed Post charges of Rs 150 per kg. You will receive your tea packet within 5 to 7 days.
for ordinary parcel charges is below Rs 75 but delivery might take more than 2 weeks.

  No information is given on phone. You have to   read   this site for all information. ONLY to ORDER our tea or sample.
Free tea sample
We will happily give free tea sample to all buyers, but problem is, we sell our tea throughout India, even giving free 10 gram tea sample to 125 crore Indian is a magnificient costly affair.
You may take maximum 600 gram samples, consisting of main 12 qualities at Rs 1200 including Speed Post courier charges. Alternatively, You may take 6 samples of 50 gram each at Rs 600.
You can make 20 cups of tea with our 50 gram sample.
We do not sell sample. Sample charge will be refunded on your first order.The money you deposit is a proof that you are a genuine tea businessman.

During checking our tea samples, please remember to use equal quanity of tea, equal quantity of milk and sugar and equal time to boil tea in equali quanty of water for equal time.
If you compare it with some other brand please try to make a similar blend as in the brand you are comparing to.

Bank Payment
You may deposit money in our bank account for Sample or for wholesale tea.
Numbers are -- Assam Tea, A/C No-2034050000806, IFSC No- UTBI0ITKR13, United Bank of India, Itkhola Branch, Silchar, Assam. Or Nilanjan Dhar, ID- 310119309, A/c No - 3246221369, Post Office Savings Bank Account, Silchar Head Post Office, Assam.
Or At Nilanjan Dhar, Punjab and Sind Bank, Silchar Branch, A/c no 03451000003592, IFSC-PSIB0000345, MICR-788023002.
Or At Nilanjan Dhar, Punjab National Bank, A/c No 3110000100096261, MICR 788024002, IFSC PUNB0311000, Silchar Branch.

Sample Please deposit Minimum ₹ 600 for main 6 Tea samples, and Maximum ₹ 1200 for 12 sample. Then Whatsapp your full address with pin code and payment receipt. Next day, we will courier it.

Tea Order To order tea, please deposit at least Rs 50000 as advance and email your address, GST number and your detail requirement.
We will issue Proforma Invoice after receiving advance.
Balance after we finsh packing, approximately after 5/7 days.
Once you pay the balance, we will immediately dispatch it.

Our Packet Tea



Please remember, we do not sell high priced, COSTLY Assam tea. Rather we sell average quality, Average COST Assam tea, preferred by regular tea buyers.
You may contact us for packet tea distributorship in your district.

How to establish your Brand
You have bought good quality tea, made your own blend and brand. Now you require to establish it in your area.
Even when your tea is better, price is lower and your brand looks attractive in comparison all other established brands in your area, you will face tough competition.
You may find half of the shop keepers are not showing interest in your tea.
Advertisement, gift scheme to to shop keepers, gift to consumers and visibility of your product accross your area of marketing operation will greatly boost your sale.
It is an established fact that IF any one of us, uses any product for 3 weeks consecutively, it becomes our habit.
Your prospective buyers are habituated with other brands. So now you make them buy your tea brand of 250 gram pacckets at least twice by giving them gifts and schemes. For exmaple if your buyers return four empty 250 gram packets your tea brand, you may give them one 250 gram packet free.
Or any other similar offers, so that your buyers buy it constantly.
When your buyers buy it constantly, your tea brand is established for years, even may be generations.
Buyers Review

Very Good:

December's Tea, -02-20
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But it is always better to check actual
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represent actual quality.

BOP1 @ Rs 110

BP1 @ Rs 110

BOP1 @ Rs 110

Rs 110 PD1

BP1 Rs 110

BP1+OF1 Blend @ Rs 100

Bopsm1 @ Rs 110

Rs 110 OF1

Primary & Secondary Blend Rs 117


Dust Rs 125

Blend Rs 125

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