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This is a new page and this page is not exactly our tea business page. Here we will publish images related to Tea, Tea Gardens and Tea Gardens' people. People behind the gardens are contributing to Indian economy and employment generation for over a century.
You can also email a tea related photo, with your name and caption. We will publish it along with your name. But remember, it must be original photo not a copied photo. All the images here are 100% original and captured by Team.

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Tea on Mahasadak

We were on the way to Shubhong Tea Garden, Barak Valley, Assam. It was a cold morning of January 2020. So we decided to yake a cup of Tea each.

Invisible Barak River

We were on our way to Shubhong Tea Garden. Road was foggy but no problem to drive. When we crossed the Barak River, we tried to photograph it. Fog made it invisible. So much fog was not very common in this part of Assam.

Hilara Tea Garden

It is a small tea garden near Kalain of Assam. Good garden but factory is still primitive. Shortage of workers. All these adverse combination hampers its real potential. Excellent owners and most of the directors. We got this pruning picture at evening.

Jellalpore Tea Garden

When you go to Meghalaya from Badarpur of Assam, you go through Jellalpore Tea Garden. it is a good garden. You will find well maintained tea plantation and good quality tea there,

Kalaincherra Tea Garden Near Meghalaya

Kalaincherra Tea Garden of Luba Group in Barak Valley, Assam. Situated near Meghalaya and Bangladesh border. Since it is on highway, so reaching there is easy. But Bangladesh boarder made it unsafe some years ago. Though it is a well maintained garden but faced lot of trouble for not depositing provident fund of employees.

This road will lead you to Meghalaya and Tripura

This road goes from Silchar of Assam via Masimpore to Meghalaya or you can also go to Tripura. This road is under reconstruction as on 4-01-20

Urrunabund Tea Estate

This tea garden is on the road to Silchar, Assam Airport road. Was a sinking garden, After new company took it over under manager ship of Late Mr R N Pandey, the garden was turned around to growth.

This is Mahasadak, Road to Dolloo TE, Hathicherra TE, Balacherra and many more

If you start from Silchar, Assam to reach a reach a very big garden like Dolloo Estate or other normal size garden like Hathicherra or Shubhong or a small Garden like Balacherra TE, this road, The Mahasadak will take you there.

This is Mahasadak, Road to Dolloo TE, Hathicherra TE, Balacherra and many more

This is Mahasadak, connecting Silchar of Assam and Surat of Gujarat. This road was made by Great PM Atal Behari Bajpayi. This road has made easy transportation of Barak Valley Tea to rest of the country.

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